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Staying Safe & Staying Smart

  • How clean are you?

    Be it household related or personal hygiene related, we all face the task of cleaning on a daily basis. Do you see it as a chore? A responsibility? Or do you secretly love cleaning? Habit and routine make cleaning and hygiene an easy and healthy part of every-day life. Children thrive in routine but it’s not always easy to teach kids good habits and persuade them to stick to them. 
  • How to be confident when returning to the 'new normal'.

    Life has shifted to working from home, protecting the vulnerable, and vigilantly washing hands. However, with the number of COVID-19 cases declining, more businesses and workplaces are opening their doors. As restrictions begin to ease, what worries do you have about returning to public life?
  • Why do official health organizations change their advice?

    The year is 2020 - we live in an age dominated by 24-hour news, alleged facts, contradictory ‘expert’ opinion, and fake news. Combine this with a global pandemic and it presents a clear but vital question: How do we know who and what to believe?
  • What everyone should know about viruses

    Since the recent spread of COVID-19, viruses have come to the forefront of public attention impacting changes in our everyday hygiene routines. They seem like pretty scary facts right? The thing is, they don’t have to be.
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